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Recorded Webinars

Webinar : Chris Mee at Health & Safety Review Seminar

The Financial Drivers for Health and Safety: The Safety Professionals Viewpoint

Chris Mee was recently invited by Herbert Mulligan of IRN and the “Health and Safety Review” to present a paper on the real financial costs of Health and Safety in the Irish workplace.   This is a very interesting topic and the drivers for companies to engage with Health and safety are enumerated and discussed by Chris in his paper.  Chris presented his paper at the  “Health and Safety Review” Seminar in the Red Cow Hotel in Dublin on May 12th.  The event was very well attended with well over 200 delegates and speakers.  Chris put forward the following premise or assertion to the seminar.

“ The Economic Case for Health and Safety is inextricably linked to the personal economic cost to the person in charge and on the impact to their personal career aspirations and goals.  Hence, when the person in charge is “convinced”  of the personal benefits or losses to him or her … then the organisational commitment, economic and otherwise follow !“


See the webinar to find out more……..


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Webinar 2: How Green is Your Data Centre?

Fergal Mee,  Environmental Director of Chris Mee Group gives a webinar on the topic of Data Centres and their environmental impact.  The amount of electricity used by Data Centres is very high and the method of calculating the environmental impact is not always interpreted correctly.  See the webinar to find out more……..


Webinar 3:  Reducing exposure to Stress at Work

Ms. Patricia Murray, senior inspector of the Irish Health and Safety Authority (HSA) gives an excellent webinar outlining effective strategies and tactics around reducing exposure to stress in the workplace.  Stress is one of the fastest growing issues facing employees and employers in the workplace today.  See the webinar for more………