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Updated Proficiency STCW Safety Training 2 Day Package


Have you completed all of your STCW Training in the last 5 Years?

CMSE Training have introduced the following 4 updated courses and have also made it possible for you to attend all of these mandatory modules in only 2 days.  If you have valid STCW training certifications or have kept your training up to date on board ship and can to sign a self-declaration form then this package is for you.

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2 Day Package includes the following 3 mandatory STCW courses:

  1. Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques
  2. Updated Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats
  3. Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

Target Audience

This combined STCW course is aimed at ALL seafaring personnel who are required to updated their STCW training certifications.  If you’re currently serving on board ship and hold a valid STCW certificate, from the beginning 2017 you will have to provide documented evidence proving that you have either completed the training course or have updated your training in the last 5 years.  If any of your STCW certificate dates are older than 5 years as of January 1 2017 it is essential that you refresh your training before the end of 2016.

Even if you had six months or more sea service prior to August 1998 and were exempt from basic safety courses you now also need to take the mandatory updated Proficiency courses.


In order to complete this Updated Proficiency 2 Day Training Package  you must have completed STCW recognised Courses and either produce a copy of the valid certificates  or a valid self-declaration form confirming your on board training requirements have been met.
Bring your own swimwear. Lifejackets can be supplied but we encourage you to bring your own so that you can become familiar with your own equipment.

An up to date ENG 11 Medical Certificate, a  valid Seafarer’s Medical Certificate issued by any administration of an EU member state or a Doctor’s note stating you are considered medically fit to participate in all aspects of the course will be required.

To avoid delays copies of required certifications can be submitted in advance of training dates online from our website  while booking your course.

Scheduled Course Venues, Dates and Prices

Venue Date: Price:
Day 1: Personal Survival Techniques & Fast Rescue Boats
Day 2: Fire Fighting : Basic or Advanced
Duration: 2 Days
Participants: Up To 8 Participants

Benefits of the 2 Day Package

This combined course allows you to attend all three mandatory STCW courses in only 2 days.  The combined course is of great benefit to both attendees and employers as it eliminates the need to travel to different venues on different dates. Travel time, cost and overall duration is reduced substantially.

Our Marine and Fire Training Centre is located in Ringaskiddy, Cork Harbour just 15 minutes from Cork International Airport for ease of access for all our national/international clients in the offshore and marine sectors. Cork Airport is the international gateway to the south of Ireland and Ireland’s second busiest airport after Dublin Airport. An average of 2.4 million passengers use Cork Airport annually, flying to over 50 destinations across Europe.

Why use CMSE for your STCW Training

  • CMSE Training is a leading provider of STCW marine training for over 10 years
  • Our success is based on the quality of our trainers and of our training facilities
  •  CMSE Training is approved by the Irish Department of Transport and Marine to deliver STCW Training
  • Our centre is near to Cork Airport and Ringaskiddy port in Cork harbour for ease of access by both our international and local clients
  • All our instructors have marine experience over many years

Course Contents

Day 1: Personal Survical Techniques and Fast Rescue Boat

  • Correctly don and use a survival suit
  • Jump from height into water
  • Float without a lifejacket
  • Swim wearing a life jacket
  • Right and board an inverted life raft while wearing a life jacket
  • Understand the construction characteristics and required maintenance of FRB and equipment
  • Assess readiness of FRB and related equipment for use
  • Manage safety precautions before and during launch
  • Take charge of a fast rescue boat after launch
  • Handle a fast rescue boat in prevailing weather and sea conditions
  • Use communication and signalling equipment
  • Carry out search patterns
  • Recover a casualty from the water and transfer to a place of safety

Day 2: Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention & Fighting (Basic)

  • Hands-On exercises include Protective Clothing,
  • Fire Hose and Fittings
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Breathing Apparatus Equipment Maintenance
  • Search and Rescue Procedures
  • Ship Fire Prevention and Ship Firefighting

  • I would just like to convey my appreciation of ..the marine fire fighting course recently, I took so much on board,”

    PJ Flaherty
  • This package is designed to give attendees the required updated proficiency training in Personal Survival Technique, Fast rescue Boat and Basic Fire Training all in one convenient location . This  training course provides mandatory training to allow sea going personnel update their required training certification for their sea-going employment.

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