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The future looks bright for solar power in Ireland – 50 Jobs to be Created at Cork Solar Energy Farm

Planning permission has been granted to Amarenco Solar for a solar energy farm at Kilmoney in County Cork. The 10.2 hectare Kilmoney project will generate sufficient energy to power 2,500 homes.

40 jobs will be created whilst construction of the 22,000 on ground-mounted panels takes place and 10 full time staff will be required once operational.

Amarenco Solar says that it has plans to apply for 40 more solar farms nationwide, with five projects already having applications submitted to Cork County Council.

Over the last number of years, due to an increase in demand for clean energy, Solar PV (photovoltaic) has become one of the most vibrant segments in the European renewable electricity market. This demand has been accelerated by a sharp decrease in the price of solar PV technology.

According to a recent energy policy based white paper published by the DECNR (Department of Energy, Communications and Natural Resources), solar PV technology is part of the solution for the generation of zero-carbon electricity in Ireland.

In 2015, solar PV grid applications for solar farms were invited by the ESB.

Over 350 national and international delegates recently attended the Solar Energy Future conference hosted by Energy Cork to hear about the future of solar photovoltaic (PV) in Ireland. The attendees included farmers, energy operators, investors and policymakers.

Chairman of Energy Cork, Mr Michael Quirk recently commented that “Ireland was poised to play its part in the growth of this source of low-carbon electricity, utilising both building-mounted and ground-mounted technologies.”

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