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Safety Statements

What are Safety Statements

Safety Statements are essentially a snapshot or photograph of your current safety management system. Under Section 20 of Ireland`s Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, all employers, including the self-employed, must have a safety statement relating to their workplace and work activities.

The HSA (Health and Safety Authority) has outlined that the key points in the formulation of a Safety Statement are to:
• Involve management up to the highest level in a clear programme of action
• Engage all stakeholders (including employees) in the formulation and consultation process
• Stimulate action to ensure compliance with the statutory safety and health provisions
• Identify hazards and prioritize remedial action based on the risk of injury to exposed persons
• Ensure safety measures are kept in place and monitored on a regular basis
• Identify and assign clear responsibilities in relation to safety and health matters
• Ensure systematic follow-up of problems, once identified
• Ensure that competent resources are assigned to safety and health
• Gain the commitment of all persons in the workplace. Read more