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Pharma Plant Serious Accident Case Study

The Problem: A Serious Accident at Pharma Plant

Chris Mee Group  were called in by a multinational pharmaceutical company (name confidential) to support them on the aftermath of a serious accident where there had been a fall through a false ceiling.  As a result of the accident the plant management had been formally warned by corporate that if there was a recurrence then the GM would be sacked and the site would be down-graded internally within the multi-national  group .  The management team were also facing legal proceedings from the HSA with possible court appearances and penalties including risk of plant shut-down.

The Solution: Implementing A Detailed Safety Management System

Chris Mee Group Safety StatementsChris Mee Group advised the management to proactively implement a full safety management system. This entailed not only an accisent investigation but  a full gap analysis of the existing systems including site visits, documentation reviews, interviews of key managers and staff, etc.   Once the gap analysis was carried out, our consultants produced  an improvement plan.  This plan indicated  the hazards identified and also the controls that had to be implemented.  This implementation would minimise the risk and also demonstrate that the client now had the sufficient controls in place. We then supported the client in quickly implementing the plan in a pragmatic and commercially viable way. At the same time we represented the client in dealing with the HSA, the client’s  Insurance companies and in preparing the client for potential civil and criminal prosecutions.


The Benefits That Accrued from Working with Chris Mee Group

  • We kept the HSA from issuing court proceedings against the Client
  • The plant remained in operation
  • The GM didn’t lose his job
  • The client received savings in reduced insurance premiums, accidents and related costs
  • There was a multi-million investment announced for the plant within 3 years


Safety Management System Services Provided By Chris Mee Group

  • gap analysis on your current situation
  • internal auditor training and/or mentoring
  • implementation of an effective hazard identification / risk assessment programme
  • developing of appropriate risk controls
  • developing business specific objectives, targets and management programmes
  • providing training on complete systems implementation or on individual sections of a specific safety management standard.
  • developing internal and external inspection / audit schedules to ensure continuing progress and improvement.
  • conduct routine or random audits on your behalf
  • supporting you from start to finish to achieve accreditation to the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard

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