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    CMSE Recruitment specialise in EHS jobs, Project jobs, Engineering jobs, Oil & Gas jobs and more. Please send us your CV by completing the form below.

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    Chris Mee Group provides equal opportunities to all qualified applicants and is committed to inclusion and diversity.
    The majority of our current vacancies are in the areas of Environmental, Health & Safety, in Engineering disciplines (Construction & Manufacturing) and are based in Ireland and within the EU. To be a qualified applicant, you must be eligible to work in Ireland for roles based in Ireland. If you are applying to a role within another EU state, you must be eligible to work in that particular location. You must also possess the required qualifications and experience particular to specific role you wish to apply to.

    I am eligible to work in Ireland or in the country in which the vacancy I am applying to is located

    For Candidates

    CMSE have multiple vacancies currently in the above sectors. We have hundreds of satisfied candidates who have been positioned successfully in full time and part time positions. If you are looking for a new job please refer to our Job vacancy pages and submit your CV using the form above as soon as possible. You can also email it directly to:

    For Employers

    CMSE Recruitment is a fully registered recruitment agency for many years and we have a great number of satisfied employers – see our testimonials page for details of how we have helped many employers to find solutions to their recruitment needs. If you are an employer and you need to fill a position, please contact us today.

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    Call 1850 315 415, Email, or Send a Quick Enquiry through the form above

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