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Process Safety Review

Process Safety Review including basis of safety reports

Enquire about the Process Safety Review including basis of safety reports
At CMSE Consultancy, our consultants will perform Process Safety Review for defined areas and activities within the plant. By carrying out an on-site walk-through inspection of the plant our Process Safety Engineers will identify possible lapses in safety procedures within the process.
Moreover, an in-depth review will be used to ensure that the plant, as well as the operating and maintenance procedures, comply with the design intent and standards. The review will include interviews with employees working on the process plant as, including operators, managers and maintenance workers.
Our professionals, will apply also other techniques, such as checklists and risk assessments to identify the additional bases of safety to implement in the process. In addition, they will audit and revise technical and organisational measures already in place as:

  • Management policy.
  • Attitudes training.
  • Features of both the process and design.
  • Layout and construction of the plant.
  • Operating procedures.
  • Emergency plans.
  • Personal protection standards
  • Accident records.
Once the review will be performed, a report will be issued giving detail of existing control measures, basis of safety to be implemented, recommendations and actions required to achieve the highest standard level in process safety.
A follow-up visit can then be performed to assess whether the recommendations have been performed to the required standard.

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