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Online Manual Handling Course

Online Manual Handling course for Employees

Online Manual Handling course content is the most effective way of delivering the theoretical elements of manual handling training.  This theory course is intended for all personnel who are involved in the movement of loads.  Manual Handling includes but is not limited to lifting, pushing, pulling, restraining, etc.  Our course topics include; definition of manual handling; anatomy of the spine; manual handling techniques, mechanical aids; etc.

Our online course may take you up to 75 minutes to complete.   Full manual handling competency DOES require additional practical instructional sessions.  These practical instructor led sessions are NOT included in this theory course.

Simple – Convenient – Flexible – Cost Effective

This Online Manual Handling course is an effective way for learners to acquire essential manual handling theory at a fraction of the cost of conventional classroom training.  This course can also be used as part of a blended learning solution where practical face to face time is essential.

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Course Objectives

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Perform specific manual handling tasks competently to a recognised standard.
  • Complete essential risk assessment prior to completing manual handling tasks.
  • Identify ergonomic factors associated with their work activities.
  • Complete a series of exercises designed to improve strength, endurance and flexibility, the key components of physical fitness.

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