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Your December 5th Deadline is Passed

AuditChecklistMainAre You Ready To Comply With Energy Efficiency Regulations Audit Requirements?  

Are you aware that under Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) if your business qualified then you were required to have an assessment completed and reported to EPA by 5ih December 2015?  The requirement to carry out an energy audit is set out in the European Union (Energy Efficiency) Regulations 2014 (SI 426/2014), which transposes the EU Energy Efficiency Directive into national law.



Do I Qualify? Your 6 Must-Answer Qualification Questions

  1. Am I defined as a large company or as an SME?
  2. Do I employ more than 250 people?
  3. Was my turnover in 2014 greater than €50M?
  4. Was my balance sheet at €43M or higher?
  5. As a public body, government department, state agency or school when do I need to comply?
  6. Do I occupy a total useful floor area of more than 500m2, or have an annual energy spend of more than €35,000?

Where Do I Find An Auditor?

Energy audits must be carried out by an energy auditor, listed on the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) list of energy auditors, which is available on the SEAI’s website

Can I obtain derogation?

Fergal Mee, Environment Director, Carbon Action, part of Chris Mee Group says” Companies that are implementing an energy management system may be granted derogation.   We have helped many clients achieve certification to the ISO 50001 standard which is in some cases is acceptable to the SEAI as derogation.  We have also helped clients achieve partial exemptions by obtaining their greenhouse gas emissions permit”

Chris Mee Group’s environmental services include: EED support, Carbon Measurement and Reduction, Verification and Validation, Product Carbon Footprint, Carbon Credits and Emissions Trading System (ETS).  For more information on how we can assist you in achieving EED compliance or making an appropriate GHG Permit application/ IED application please visit