Certificate Of Excellence in Innovation | Chris Mee Group

Certificate of Excellence in Innovation

Chris Mee Group receives Certificate of Excellence in Innovation from InterTradeIreland’s Challenge Programme.

Certificate of Excellence in Innovation InterTradeIreland’s Challenge Programme was created to assist business owners to learn and apply the most effective ways of generating, marketing and launching new products and services.
The whole process was completed over a nine month period, with mentor support coming from Matrix Business Growth Consultants. During this process we ran a number of staff innovation sessions and brainstorming days, primarily focused on how we can improve our delivery and range of services provided to our existing customer base.
Through the Challenge Programme, we chose two Innovations to research with a view to development later this year. Each Innovation has a project leader and a management coach assigned to it, and this team then reports back to the innovation committee each month with their research findings and recommendations.
The Chris Mee Group now has a robust system in place to capture innovative ideas, which will now go through a formal review process before being rolled out to our customer base, therefore ensuring our customers continue to receive a consistently high quality of service that is in line with industry best practices.
Having gone through the InterTradeIreland’s Challenge Programme we now have a more innovation focused team which we hope will unearth and roll out many more good ideas in the future!