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NEBOSH Environmental Certificate

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate

The Chris Mee Group is a leading provider of the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate.  Our course covers the essentials of environmental management systems, including all the relevant standards and best practices for control of environmental hazards.

Our NEBOSH qualification is internationally recognised and will benefit students by providing a practical understanding of the general principles of managing environmental risk.  The course duration is 5 days.  Candidates will need to study for more than 33 hours to ensure success at the NEBOSH examination.  Assessment of this course consists of one written papers (EC1) and one practical assessment (EC2).

CMSE Training is a fully registered NEBOSH Centre since 2003 and our pass rate is among the highest.  Our trainers are full-time professionals in addition to being highly experienced instructors.


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    Who should attend this Course

    Managers, supervisors and employees throughout the world, who have responsibility for managing environment issues as part of their day to day duties.  Those  who understand the growing importance of holding a recognised and respected environmental management qualification.

    Complement your health and safety qualifications.  NEBOSH research shows that around two thirds of health and safety management positions at work also feature responsibility for environmental management.  It can therefore be useful combining one of our health and safety qualifications with the Environmental Certificate. The Certificate can also be a useful stepping stone towards achieving the NEBOSH Environmental Diploma.

    No previous environmental management knowledge is required but candidates should note the assessment includes a requirement to write a short report in English.

    Course Details,Prices and Dates

    VenueDate Price
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    Price: €1,250 including exam fee
    Duration: 6 Days
    Participants: Up to 15 participants
    Assessment: Assessment of this course consist of  a two hour written paper (EC1) and a two hour practical assessment (EC2). Participants must achieve the pass standard in both the examination paper and in the practical assessment to be awarded  the Certificate.
    Accreditation: NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management

    Course Objectives

    Achieve recognition for your environmental  skills and knowledge anywhere in the world with the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management.

    Two key Reasons Why you Should Attend this Course:

    1. Recognition:  The NEBOSH name is a mark of excellence in safety, health and environmental management.
    2. Career development – Gaining specialist knowledge of environmental management will give you an extra set of skills that could help bring success and advancement to your career.

    Benefits for Employers

    • A more sustainable workplace – Environmental management is important. It protects the planet and our future.  People with the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management are able to help their employers avoid prosecution, litigation and loss of reputation and demonstrate social responsibility.
    • Assurance- Organisations employing people with this qualification show a commitment to the environment. Something that will assure staff, customers and others, and which could help achieve recognised standards and even win new business.
    • Return on investment – An employee with a NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management has a practical set of skills that brings real value to the modern workplace.

    Course Contents

    The NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management covers the practical issues of managing environmental risk. The syllabus takes a risk management approach based on the best practice and industry standards, including:

    Unit EC1 Management and Control of Environmental Hazards

    • Foundations in Environmental Management
    • Environmental Management Systems
    • Environmental Impact AssessmentsControl of Emissions to Air
    • Control of Contamination of Water Sources
    • Control of Waste and Land Use
    • Sources and Use of Energy and Energy Efficiency
    • Control of Environmental Noise
    • Planning for and Dealing with Environmental Emergencies

    Unit EC2: Environmental Practical Application

    This is a 2 hour work based practical environmental assessment.   Delegates must achieve the pass standard in in the practical assessment to be awarded the Certificate.

    For more information on the The syllabus please click here.


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