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Machinery Risk Assessment

Machinery Risk Assessment in accordance with ISO 12100

Enquire about Machinery Risk Assessment in accordance with ISO 12100
There are several European Directives that can apply to the safety of industrial machinery and equipment. At CM Group, we will make sure that machinery at your workplace comply the directive EN ISO 12100 that give the basic principles in Machinery safety.
Our Process Safety Engineers at CM Group, will gather all the relevant information on site to carry out the machinery risk assessment that will include:
  • Description of the machine
  • Operating modes of the machine
  • Safety features of the machine
  • Description of the work station and the environment
  • Evaluation of Hazards (noise, vibration, substances, ergonomics)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Risk reduction
  • Recommended technical and organisational measures
  • Recommended safety measures to implement on site
We will guide you to make sure that your machinery comply with guarding and protective systems directives in the European Union.

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