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Karen’s Top Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn

Optimizing your LinkedIn in 2022 should aim at connecting and communicating with the right audience. This week, CMSE Recruitment Specialist, Karen Rodrigues shares her Top Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn. These are as follows:-

  1. Customize your profile to get the most exposure

  • Write up a crisp and precise headline and summary
  • Always ensure that your contact details are updated
  • Personalize your profile URL from that of the default URL
  • Use a professional profile photograph
  • Ensure use of correct grammar and spellings
  • Ensure that your profile is easy to skim through for the reader
  • The use of key words is the key to getting noticed!
  • Seek recommendations and endorsement (It demonstrates that other professionals are willing to support your credentials).
  1. Feature important posts

  • Pin and feature posts, articles, newsletters, links, etc to ensure important information never goes unnoticed
  • Use media the right way to provide your audience an insight into your business, activities, and achievements
  • Ensure your posts provide value to your followers
  1. Highlight your key skills and competencies

  • Use the Skills section to highlight your top 3 skills that define your profile
  • Request for endorsements of those skills (That can be a significant boost to your profile)
  1. Finding content and optimizing reach

  • Use #Hastags the right way while posting!
  • Always use 3-5 #Hashtags (Posts with less than 3 or more than 10 hashtags have 20-40% less reach).
  • Follow the right hashtags to reach the right audience
  • Use key hashtags based on your post and the information being conveyed to optimize reach
  1. Final Key tips

  • Consistency over frequency (LinkedIn’s algorithm downgrades one’s content if posts are random).
  • Stay active and on top of your game, consistency is key!
  • Interact with profiles of interest to enhance your reach
  • Continue to connect and network with people from your industry to further build your network and reach!


Meet Karen

Karen Rodrigues joined Chris Mee Group in April 2022 and has become a great addition to the Cork-based CMSE Recruitment team. She’s building long-term relationships and enhancing engagement with clients and candidates across the EHS landscape whilst driving innovation and creativity in the recruitment process, including leading projects.

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Tel: +353 21 497 8100

Email: [email protected]