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Ireland receives go ahead from EU Commission to introduce Microbead ban bill.

Clearance for the restriction on microbeads contained in the Microbeads (Prohibition) Bill 2019 was last night announced by Minister Eoghan Murphy.

Further consideration of the bill will be facilitated in the Dáil at committee stage.

What will the ban effect?

The bill would ban any manufacturing, importing, exporting or sale of any product which contains intentionally added plastic microbeads including “rinse-off” personal care products. “Rinse-off” personal care products include detergents, domestic and industrial abrasive cleaning products as well as scouring agents.

What’s the problem with Microbeads?

Most Wastewater treatment plants are not designed to filter out microbeads leading to them being found in bays, gulfs and seas across the globe, as well as inland waterways.

Microbeads absorb organic pollutants such as pesticides, flame retardants, motor oil, industrial chemicals etc. leading to them being up 100000x more toxic than the water in which it is found

Fish species that are harvested for our consumption absorb or eat the micro-plastic particles – allowing the absorbed toxins to be absorbed into the fish tissue. Microbeads are then joining the food chain.

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