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IOSH Explosion Safety Management

IOSH Explosion Safety Management – Intro course

IOSH Explosion Safety Management Course Details

• To give attendees an understanding of health and safety responsibilities with regard to explosion hazards
• To give delegates an understanding of the EU ATEX directives 94/9/EC and 99/92/EC (100a and 137) and understand how to comply with them in the workplace
• To give attendees an understanding of hazardous area classification, ATEX risk assessments and the preparation of an explosion protection document.

Duration: 1-Day Participants: Up to 12 participants

Scheduled Venues, Dates & Prices

Please call us to confirm-t: (01) 517 5270€290 per person

Who Is This Course Intended For?

Those who manage explosion risks on site or wish to increases their awareness of explosion safety



Course Objectives

• Outline the requirements of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and 99/92/EC (100a and 137)
• Explain why management of explosive materials is necessary and give a background to historical explosions.
• Outline the requirements for employers to achieve compliance and detail examples of organisational and technical controls.
• Explain flammability data and flammable atmospheres
• Explain how hazardous areas are identified and zoned
• Explain the steps in an ATEX risk assessment
• Describe how to select equipment for ATEX zones
• Outline the contents of an Explosion Protection Document


Written Test

Course Programme

• Introduction and course objectives
• ATEX Directives
• Explosions – Why manage?
• ATEX awareness
• What is an explosion and pressure effects
• Flammable atmospheres and ignition sources
• Physical characteristics
• Vapour clouds and explosion
• Explosion characteristics of dusts and liquids
• Introduction to explosion risk assessment
• Ignition sources
• Ignition risk assessment (Mechanical)
• Hazardous area classification zoning and the impact of ventilation
• Hazardous area zones for dusts and solvents
• Organisational control measures
• Technical control measures
• Selecting equipment for explosive atmospheres
• Explosion protection document
• ATEX identification

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