Oil Spill Response Training | Chris Mee Group | Cork


• To provide the skills and competence to implement oil spill clean-up in a range of environments.
• To demonstrate the deployment and recovery of oil spill clean-up devices, techniques, materials and processes.
• To demonstrate safe operation of working processes and procedures.

Key Outcomes

On the completion of the training attendees will be able to:
• State the correct procedures for being in readiness for and responding to oil spill pollution incidents.
• Recognise and appreciate the types of oil spill pollution incidents and the methods used to deal with them.
• State the different oil spill response techniques and how they are implemented to minimise environmental damage.
• Demonstrate the correct risk management approach for dealing with oil spill incidents.
• State the considerations that must be evaluated when considering;
o how to access the site, and
o planning the clean up operation
• Competently select, deploy and operate the range of available oil spill equipment
• Monitor the clean up operation and assess the suitability of the clean up strategy selected.
• State the correct procedures for the disposal of waste and oil contaminated consumable materials.


2 Days

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