IEMA Environmental Management Systems Certification

Environmental Management Systems Certification

Course Objectives:

• To understand the issues, science and philosophy that underpins environmental sustainability.
• Identify ways to incorporate environmental issues into the management of an organisation.
• To identify relevant legislation for an organisation and take steps towards ensuring compliance.
• To understand the role of various analytical and managerial tools and the assessment, interpretation and management of environmental performance.
• To understand the key elements of an environmental management system.

Who should attend?

The IEMA Environmental Management Systems Certification course is designed for anyone who has environmental responsibilities. Candidates should have a basic level of environmental knowledge for this course- the Foundation Certificate is the perfect level.

Course Modules:

Module 1: Environmental Management and Assessment
Module 2: Sustainable Development
Module 3: Environmental Impact Assessment
Module 4: Life Cycle Assessment
Module 5: Clean Technology 1
Module 6: Carbon Management
Module 7: Policy Planning and Regulation


Written exam at the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and understanding to complete the Associate Entry Exam to become an Associate of IEMA.

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