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Chris Mee Group – Company Overview

The Chris Mee Group was established in 1996 to deliver customized and practical environmental, health and safety solutions focused on reducing risk, increasing productivity, whilst ensuring legal compliance. Over the last two decades, the company has grown to a team of over 120 professionals spread across 4 office locations in Ireland and the UK. We now focus on 4 key divisions, each with a dedicated management team focused on adding value to each of our customers. These four divisions are:

  • CMSE Consultancy (Risk Management, Quality, Safety, Energy and Environmental)
  • CMSE Training (Online and Classroom based)
  • CMSE Recruitment (Permanent and Temporary Contracts Solutions)
  • Carbon Action (Quantification & Verification)

This brochure highlights the wide range of services provided by each of our departments, all of which can be customized to the specific requirements of each industry and individual company. For almost two decades now, we have worked with clients from a wide variety of sectors and industries, including Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Insurance, Education, Fire, and Marine.

In addition to our experience of working across various industries, we have also worked with numerous multinational clients outside of Ireland and the UK, including companies based in Libya, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa, Greece, Kazakhstan, China, Canada and USA to mention a few.

Within CMSE Training, our multidisciplinary teams of trainers and consultants have an average of 18 years training experience each, as well as extensive industry experience. Each of our highly experienced trainers are therefore committed to upholding industry standards in order to deliver industry best practice for each of our clients. At the Chris Mee Group, we believe in developing close working relationships with all of our clients in order to gain a complete understanding of their operations and requirements, which will then allow us to recommend the most suitable, effective and practical solutions.