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International Stress Awareness Week – 4th – 8th November

November 4th to 8th is International Stress Awareness Week. Identifying and reducing workplace stress and mental health problems are very important both for organisations as well as individuals

Did you know that work-related stress is a leading causes of physical and mental illness worldwide?

Between long hours, short deadlines, high KPI’s and co-worker clashes, workplaces can lend themselves to being extremely stressful environments.

Stress can lead to absenteeism, presenteeism, conflict, poor productivity and performance.

Not every company can afford to offer full wellness programs, on-site counselling etc. But there are more affordable options that companies can put in place to alleviate stress.


Here are five ways to keep employees healthy and happy in their role!

  1. Keep an office aquarium. Aquariums are known for alleviating stress, depression, and anxiety. Even a small tank can provide an up close and personal view of nature which can work wonders for the mood.
  2. Bring nature to the office. Exposure to nature and ‘green spaces’ brings significant mental health benefits. An easy way to do this is to introduce office plants. Office plants are known to reduce noise levels, clean the air and increase creativity.
  3. Encourage break time. Breaks increase productivity and allow employees to think more clearly while at work
  4. Promote fun. Incorporating fun activities into break time can help to alleviate monotony and promote positivity at work. Why not get a few colouring books, puzzles, board games for the breakroom?
  5. Have an open door policy. Be open and available to both online and in-person. Employees want to work for in a workplace where they feel important and valued.

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