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Emergency First Aid Training Course

Chris Mee Group is a leading provider of emergency first aid training course(s) in Ireland.  The Emergency course is specifically intended for those who wish to become competent in emergency first aid.  The course covers practical skills required to deal with First Aid emergencies.  Our instructors are all qualified to PHECC level and have years of experience at the front line of emergency first aid delivery.

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Dublin Office: +353 1 517 5270

Cork Office: +353 21 497 8100

  • As always everyone was very professional with the Chris Mee Group.  The instructor was excellent in his course delivery.”

    Dan Hart, Training & Development Manager
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    Course Overview

    On completion of the 1 day Emergency first aid training course, participants will be able to demonstrate practical first aid skills required in both routine and emergency situations. This course will not allow you become a full first-aider, see our 3 day Occupational First Aid course for this.

    Scheduled Venues, Dates & Prices

    Venue Date Price
    Cork Call Us Now €200 per person
    Scheduled Course Venues and Dates: Duration: 1 Day 9am – 4.30pm
    Participants: Up to 12 participants
    Assessment: Graded multiple choice questionnaire.
    Accreditation: CMSE Training Certification

    Course Objectives

    To provide attendees with the requisite skills to demonstrate practical first aid required in both routine and emergency situations.

    Target Audience

    This course is intended for those who wish to gain an understanding of first aid required in an emergency situation .

    Course Contents

    • Introduction – Chain of survival / Scene safety / Responsibilities of a first-aider
    • Unconsciousness – Examination of unconscious casualty / Recovery position
    • Resuscitation – Practical demonstration and class practice
    • Asphyxia / Heart attack – Approach and treatment
    • Bleeding and wounds – Control of bleeding and wounds including amputation, wounds with a foreign body, internal bleeding
    • Assessment of fractures and appropriate treatment
    • Injuries – Examination of the eye / Treatment of foreign bodies / Chemical splashes in the eye
    • Burns and scalds / Poisoning / Causes and treatments
    • Epilepsy / Asthma / Crush injuries – Approach and treatment
    For more info please visit the HSA Website

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