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CMSE Training is a leading provider of IOSH approved training. Both in Ireland and the UK. We have the largest amount of IOSH approved courses in Ireland.

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Course Overview

This one day course. It is for senior leaders and executives. It is focused on delivering the knowledge and skills that drive improvements in productivity. As well as to increase profitability, enhance corporate reputation and strengthen the brand. This is done through effective leadership of the health and safety agenda. Using a unique diagnostic tool you analyse your health and safety leadership performance. Also, making a personal commitment plan to improve.

Scheduled Dates

Scheduled Courses: This course is only available as a private course. Contact us on 1850 315 415 or email [email protected] for more details.
Duration: 1 Day
Participants: Up to 12
Assessment:Completion of a personal commitment – a set of actions to take following the
recommendations in your report. As well as other learnings from the programme.

Accreditation: IOSH Leading Safely Certificate

Course Objectives

  • Recognising the value of strategic safety and health. As well as its integration into business
    management systems and performance
  • Understanding your safety and health responsibilities
  • Appreciating the results of inadequate safety and health
  • Planning the overall direction for safety and health in your organisation
  • Understanding the importance of sufficiently resourcing your safety and health management
  • Knowing why you should monitor and review your safety and health performance

Target Audience

The IOSH Leading Safely course –  aimed at Directors, Senior Executives. Also, Senior Managers and anyone
else with leadership responsibility

Course Contents

  • Diagnosing your current behaviours (a mobile app questionnaire to be completed before the
  • Understanding safety and health leadership, its importance and key behaviours
  • Looking at when things go wrong. Specifically, reviewing case studies
  • Getting leadership right – case studies
  • Actions and commitment – reviewing your behaviours and making personal commitments for
You can find more information for this course on the IOSH Website

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