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ERT Training for Industrial Fire Crews

CMSE Training is a leading provider of Emergency Response Team (ERT) training for Industrial Fire Crews for over ten years.  We deliver this training to many sectors incl. Pharma, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Marine, Offshore and more.  Our Clients include GlaxoSmithkline, Pfizer, Henkel, Shell, Novartis, Stena Line. We also train SME teams. Our Clients are our greatest advertisement, review our Testimonials pages

In all cases our programmes are customized for the individual fire crews based on the specific requirements and risks. Contact Us today for more information or to discuss the specifics of your ERT training requirements.

Our Venue – CMSE Training Fire Centre

The CMSE Training has a State of the Art Fire Centre located near Cork International Airport and close to Ringaskiddy Industrial zone.  CMSE staff will organise accommodation if necessary.

All CMSE trainers are fire brigade instructors or fire engineers who work full-time in the fire engineering profession.  We use flashover units, helicopter simulators, flange fires, claustrophobic units, confined space tanks/tunnels, “Aquarium Unit”, etc.  We are unique in that we only use clean burn equipment.  Hence we are the safest provider and the most environmentally friendly provider.

Enquire about the ERT Training Course

CMSE Fire Centre – Video

Dublin Office: +353 1 517 5270

Cork Office: +353 21 497 8100

ERT Training for Industrial Fire Crews

Scheduled Course Venues and Dates:This course is only available as a private course. Contact us on 1850 315 415 or send an enquiry – see below.
Participants: Up to 10 personnel
Duration: 4 days
Assessment: MCQ Test, Practical test
Certification: CMSE Training Certification

  • I found CMSEs service to be professional, productive, and very successful. I also found their facility to be ideal, and I plan to work with CMSE again in the near future.”

    Donal Foran, Emergency Response Team Manager
    Eli Lilly
  • Course Objectives

    Who Is This Course For?

    Emergency Response Teams, Industrial Fire Crews and ERT team leaders.

    Course Programme

    Customised course programmes are prepared for all our clients.  The programmes are made up of various modules including confined space, chemical handling/chemical spill, breathing apparatus, search and rescue, fire exercises, LEL and UEL training and many more.  Our ERT training is site and industry specific but don’t be concerned our expert instructors will work with you to  customize the training and equipment to your company.

    Sample Programme Modules

    • Understanding Fires
    • Action in the event of fire
    • Use of fire equipment
    • Breathing Apparatus
    • BA Control procedures
    • Guide and personal lines
    • Search procedure
    • Entrapped procedure
    • Practical exercises
    • Selection of PPE
    • Information retrieval
    • Substance identification
    • Chemical Hazards
    • Physiology of respiration
    • Working in heat and smoke
    • Cleaning and servicing sets
    • Clean, check and store equipment

    For more Information

    Call 1850 315 415, Email [email protected] or Send a Quick Enquiry below.

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