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Breathing Apparatus Training

Breathing apparatus training
CMSE training is a leading provider of breathing apparatus training in Ireland.  We train personnel in an array of different breathing apparatus including Saber Centurion, Draeger and more.  The function of our breathing apparatus training is to ensure that the user is competent in the safe and effective use of same. These courses are most suited for marine and industrial teams.

Breathing apparatus allows the trained wearer to breathe in an atmosphere that would not otherwise support life. Therefore, the quality of the training is vitally important. Our two day course is suitable for all personnel who are required to wear breathing apparatus equipment.

Enquire about the Breathing Apparatus Training Course

Dublin Office: +353 1 517 5270
Cork Office: +353 21 497 8100


Scheduled Course Venues and Dates:

This course is only available as a private course or with groups. Contact us on 1850 315 415 or email for more details.
Participants: Up to 10 personnel
Duration: 2 days
Assessment: MCQ Test
Certification: CMSE Training Certification

Who Is This Course Intended For?

Employees who are required to wear a Breathing Apparatus (BA) set in any industry.

Course Objectives

Participants should be able to carry out the following. As a result of this course:

  • handle breathing apparatus (BA)
  • properly fit BA
  • test BA
  • properly fit face mask

Course Programme

  • Description of Breathing Apparatus Set
  • Correct Procedures for Cylinder Connection to Set
  • Carrying out of High & Low Pressure Tests on Set
  • Donning and Removal of Set – Individual Practice
  • Entry Control Procedures / Calculations Litres per minute
  • Safety Checks including check for Positive Pressure
  • Use of the Bypass
  • Warning Whistle Activation
  • Gauge Readings

For more Information

FÁS Funding may be available for Training Courses where applicable.