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Hazardous Area Classification

Hazardous Area Classification

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The Safety Health & Welfare at Work (Explosive Atmosphere at Places of Work Part 8) General Application Regulation 2007 specifies a legal requirement to carry out a hazardous area study, and document the conclusions, in the form of zones.
The regulations apply to most workplaces where flammable substances are stored or used for example where flammable liquids or flammable dusts are present.
At Chris Mee Safety Engineering, our consultants will carry out Hazardous Area Classifications on site.
A hazardous area extent and classification study will be issued, involving the following documentation:
  • List of flammable substances and their properties and characteristics
  • The source of potential releases and how they can form explosive atmospheres
  • Presence, degree and availability of ventilation (artificial and natural)
  • Temperature, Pressure and state of the flammable substance in the process
  • Grade of release of the substance (continuous, primary, secondary

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These factors will enable appropriate selection of zone type and zone extent, and also of the equipment selected to control the explosion hazard.

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