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Food Safety Company – Rest Assured Agreements with Niamh Power

Hi Guys, Niamh here. Following on from our last couple of videos, we wanted to give you a little more info on The Food Safety Co‘s Rest Assured Agreements.
Having spent many years working with Food Business owners and managers, we noticed that one of the most important things they want is peace of mind that their business is always compliant with legislation.
With this in mind, we set up our Rest Assured Agreements package. This is a complete range of services ensuring the business is compliant to the highest level of Food Safety and Quality Assurance.
Service included in the package are:
·        Certified Food Safety Training,
·        Development of a Be-spoke HACCP Manual,
·        Regular inspections of the Food Business and Safety Signage,
·        Expert Management of alleged Food Poising Complaints.  
You can read more about our Rest Assured Agreements though this link.
Feel free to contact myself or any of my team for a confidential chat regarding your requirements.
Phone: +353 21 4355917
Email:   [email protected]
All the best!


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