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Food Safety Company – Audit services with Rachel Doyle

Hi Guys, Rachel here from The Food Safety Company.
Following on from our last video, we wanted to give you a little more info on our Food Safety Audit service.
Our audits are designed to help our client’s business validate their Food Safety Management System to ensure compliance with all regulations.
Audits are provided by our team of food safety professionals who will complete an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of your business, identify gaps, recommend the appropriate action to take, identify risks to both the consumer and business while preparing food businesses seeking third party accreditation.
Our audits provide a detailed inspection of;
> Staff Facilities,
> Personnel,
> Hygiene System,
> Operational Hygiene,
> Food Storage Protection and more, incorporating TACCP and VACCP systems.
We use a unique, state of art technology that provides our clients with a detailed report of the audit highlighting non-conformances and corrective actions supported by photographic objective evidence.
You can read more about The Food Safety Company Audit services Here
Feel free to contact myself or any of my team for a confidential chat regarding your requirements.
Phone:  +353 21 4355917
Email:    [email protected]
All the best!


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