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Food and Drink Sector

The manufacture of food and drink products is Ireland’s most important indigenous industry with a turnover of €27.5 billion, exports of €10bn and 230,000 jobs. It is deeply integrated into the wider economy spending €18 billion per year on intermediate consumption in other sectors plus a further €2.1 billion on compensation of employees. Research by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, estimates that the agri-food sector contributes almost 40% of net foreign earnings from 19% of exports. The sector supplies much of the country’s €14bn domestic grocery sector, is the largest net exporter of dairy ingredients, beef and lamb in Europe and the UK’s largest supplier of food and drink.

EHS Solutions for the Food and Drink Manufacturing Sector

As with any manufacturer, where employees work around automated machinery, chemicals and electrical devices, employers must protect their workforce from the risks. Employees in this industry are exposed to a wide range of hazards which include: slips and falls often caused by slippery conditions, collision with internal transport such as forklifts, lifting, repetitive work and work posture injuries, exposure to noise, exposure to biological and microbiological agents from ingredients used during processing, exposure to chemical hazards which may include cleaning operations and disinfection of process areas and exposure to heat and cold conditions from activities such as heat treatment due to pasteurisation and canning processes as well as chilling and freezing. Breeches in legislation can lead to punitive fines, potential personal lawsuits from injured employees, not to mention the damage to a company’s reputation.
Chris Mee Group was founded in 1996 in Ireland as a specialist health and safety consultancy firm and has being working with food and drink clients since to reduce the risk of workplace accident or injury occurring. Chris Mee Group provides health and safety support in areas such as working with machinery and exposure to hazardous substances which are some of the main causes of fatalities, major, and minor injuries within the food and drink manufacturing industry. Chris Mee Group also work with food and drink clients to implement realistic health and safety checks to improve compliance and ensure procedures are being properly adopted and practically executed by the workforce.

Sustainable Food and Drink Manufacturing – No Longer a Choice

Since Origin Green was established in 2012 more than 122 food and drink companies, responsible for 85% of the country’s food and drink exports have become fully-verified members of the programme. As part of the programme, food and drink manufacturers have committed to over 800 sustainability targets around raw material sourcing, manufacturing processes and social sustainability. Chris Mee Group is a leading provider of environmental and energy consultancy for a wide range of food and drink manufacturing clients. Services include Climate Change and Carbon Emissions, EU ETS, Waste Management, IPC IED Licensing and EMAS & ISO 14001 Environmental Management.

Food and Drink Manufacturing Clients Include:

Client Case Studies:

Client Comments:


As always everyone was very professional with the Chris Mee Group.

Dan Harte
Training and Development Manager / Lidl


A major strength with CMSE is the wide knowledge base associated with all their staff. From training, consultancy and auditing, CMSE exceeded my expectations. I have been extremely happy with the level of service provided in all aspects and would not hesitate to recommend CMSE to anyone.

Kate Cullinane
Environmental Health & Safety / Dairygold Food Ingredients

Kraft Foods

I have been availing of the services of CMSE for well over 10 years... From implementing EHS Management Systems and Risk Management solutions, managing construction safety, conducting audits and assesments to the provision of training, temporary and full-time placement...I have always found their services to be exceptional.

John Lambe
European Commercial Safety Leader / Kraft Foods (Mondelez International)

Kraft Foods

CMSE Recruitment is a very professional organisation that maintains a dedicated and personal approach. With them, going the extra mile for you is not just the exception but the routine. Thank you.

Oliver Gardelle
Health & Safety Specialst / Kraft Foods Group

Kerry Ingredients

The response from our ERT members to the quality of the training was very positive. They found the two day course interesting, enlightening and very relevant to likely emergency scenarios that could occur at our site. We will continue to use CMSE for future ERT training requirements.

Oliver Kearney
Health, Safety & Security Manager / Kerry Ingredients Ireland

Customised Food and Drink Manufacturing EHS Training

CMSE Training is a leading provider of health and safety, environmental, and energy training for a wide range of food and drink manufacturing clients. We have experience of designing manufacturing  EHS curriculum for customised training programmes . Such training can include internationally certified IOSH, NEBOSH and ISO Process Safety and Environmental Management, Risk Management Certificate, ATEX, HAZOP, Explosion Safety, Machinery Safety, Fire & Industrial ERT and general EHS training.
EHS Training More Info

 Fire & Industrial Rescue Training

CMSE is a leading provider of Fire and Rescue Training internationally for over 10 years. We provide both Marine and Industrial Fire Safety Training courses in Ireland, the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Many of our courses are internationally accredited incl. STCW, DOT,  QQI and more. The CMSE Training Fire Centre is located near Cork International Airport. Our equipment includes flashover units, helicopter simulator, flange fires, claustrophobic units, confined space tanks/tunnels, “Aquarium Unit”, etc.
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Food and Drink Manufacturing  Recruitment

We are a niche recruitment agency offering a highly professional and personalised technical recruitment service to our clients across the food and drink manufacturing sector. We have placed Engineers, HSSE Advisors, EHS Specialists/Engineers, Quality Managers, Construction Managers, Project Managers, Environmental Monitors, Welders, Fitters and Electricians among many other roles in numerous food and drink manufacturing sites across Ireland and the globe.
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 Food and Drink Manufacturing EHS Consultancy

CMSE Consultancy offers an extensive range of safety consultancy services which can be customised to suit our clients’ specific needs. Our expert consultants provide advice and practical support based on our specialist skills and many years of experience in the food and drink manufacturing sector. Each of our customers have a direct point of contact nominated to ensure that their specific requirements are fully met within the necessary timescales.  Food and Drink Manufacturing  industry services include Safety Management and Gap Analysis, Risk Assessment, Accident Investigation,  Explosion Safety Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, ATEX, ELRA, HAZID & HAZOP,  Fire Safety, SEVESO, Machinery Safety, EMS ISO 50001, EMAS ISO 14001, Carbon Emissions.
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