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Expiration date of the PHECC certification extension is fast approaching!

We are all aware of the importance of First Aid skills and the need for a rapid response to deal with life threatening or potentially life-threatening conditions, including sudden cardiac arrest.

Recertification in First Aid Response is typically required every 2 years.

As First Aid Responders must be able to demonstrate a commitment to the process of continuous responder competence to maintain their skill levels in First Aid Response, timely recertification is important.

Due to COVID – 19, PHECC had advised that if a Responders certification has expired between March 2020 and July 31st of this year, responders should seek a refresher course and it may be appropriate for a Responder to complete the refresher course to maintain certification.

The PHECC extension of 31st July is fast approaching and to ensure certification is maintained learners will need to arrange 2 day refresher training prior to this date. After 31st July responders who’s certificate expired before 31st July 2021, will be required to complete the full three day First Aid Response course

Currently the Chris Mee Group are delivering blended refresher training i.e. 1 day webinar with 1 day practical. You can check out all upcoming dates here or contact the office on 021 4978100 for further details 

Occupational First Aid Training Courses

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