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Ergonomics Services

CMSE Ergonomics Services

CMSE Consultancy is a leading provider of Ergonomic services including risk assessments, Video Display Unit (VDU); Display Screen Equipment (DSE): work station reviews, task assessments (work rotation schedules) and repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) assessments. CMSE Consultancy delivers cost effective, practical services to our clients nationwide.

It is vital that an Ergonomic Assessment is carried out by a competent person to clearly identify and correct any hazards that may exist.  CMSE Consultancy is a leading provider of Ergonomic and delivers cost effective, practical assessments for clients in smaller numbers right up to large, managed risk programmes for bigger multisite organisations.  We have qualified ergonomic consultants who will visit your work environment and provide an extensive assessment.  Each workstation is individually assessed to take into account the hazards in the work location.  Our consultants will investigate specific injuries such as WRULDs (work related upper limb disorders), RSI (repetitive strain injuries), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and back problems as they might develop or occur in the workplace.

Our main job as Ergonomic Assessment Consultants is prevention.  We help clients both large and small to prevent injuries and accidents at work through these types of assessments.  A full report is written with a detailed assessment of the work environment with key recommendations to bring your business in line with current legislation.  We won’t just improve your work environment but we will also impart practical advice to ensure your remain compliant in the future.  .That way you can benefit from our expertise and experience by:

  • Achieving legal compliance
  • Gaining greater corporate responsibility
  • Reducing the likelihood of accidents
  • Reducing the potential for injury and ill health such as aches and pains of the wrists, shoulders and back
  • Decreasing workers compensation and healthcare costs
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Developing safer and healthier employees
  • Increasing levels of staff morale