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Carbon Action/Climate Change Services and CMSE/Environmental Services

Fergal Mee, Environmental Director, Radio InterviewThe Chris Mee Group has two companies working in the Environmental Sector. CMSE is a leading provider of Environmental consultancy services in Ireland.

Carbon Action is our UK based niche provider of Climate Change and Carbon Emissions related Consultancy and Training services working internationally.

For more details on our Carbon Emissions and Climate Change services link to our dedicated Carbon Action Website for carbon consultancy and training. We provide expert carbon foot-printing and carbon projects services.

Carbon Action also facilitates carbon trading on various voluntary trading markets.

As Carbon Action we partner the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and deliver ISO 14064 training globally on their behalf.

For more details on the Environmental Consultancy services of the Chris Mee Group, please see the links below. Our Environmental services include the EU-ETS, DGSA Services, ELRAs, EMS ISO50001, IPC, ADR, Waste Management and much more.

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