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COVID-19 Compliance Support, Inspection and Auditing Programmes

COVID-19 Compliance Support,  Inspection and Auditing Programmes

Many businesses are now back up and running in some form or shape, trying as best as possible to comply with Government guidelines for the benefit of staff and all relevant stakeholders engaged in the operations of the business. The implementation of the protocols has brought particular challenges for employers with large complex facilities and/or multi-site operations. Getting facilities up to standard is the first step but continuously maintaining the arrangements at the required level requires ongoing monitoring. CMSE Consultancy now offer COVID-19 compliance support.

Infection outbreaks remind us that COVID-19 hasn’t gone away so businesses must be continuously vigilant and alert to any complacency developing. Any relaxation in the maintenance of control measures could lead to disastrous consequences for a business

Our expert health and safety consultants can support you in both verifying the initial setup of systems, procedures and physical arrangements and then in the monitoring of ongoing implementation of these control measures.

Using our tablet-based software application, we can provide fast updating and reporting to client management. We can provide documented assurance of the satisfactory level of implementation and also promptly identify any issues or trends arising. In completing the inspections, our consultants can point to practical measures to assist local staff address any areas requiring improvement. The client will be provided with a detailed written record of the inspections.