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Cognate Health Partnership

Chris Mee Group are delighted to announce they have joined forces with Cognate Health to further influence a stronger culture of Total Employee Occupational Health and Safety Wellbeing.

Managing Director of Chris Mee Group commented, “We identified a strong link between both companies who are each equally committed to the integration of health and safety and health promotion and wellness initiatives through workplace interventions”

Cognate Health is a Premier Provider of Occupational Health Solutions in Ireland.  Cognate Health’s team of medical and industry experts have been collaborating with clients nationwide for over 20 years  Cognate Health’s Occupational health solutions are designed to reduce employer healthcare costs, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, enhance employee morale, attract and retain high-quality employees. For more information please click here.

Chris Mee continued, “We have helped many of our clients to manage safety in their workplaces and the results are evident in reduced accident rates.  Now with the strategic Cognate Health partnership we can enable clients to proactively manage their workplace health also.  This will prevent illnesses so that their employees can remain productive and in good health up to and beyond retirement.*

Dr. John Gallagher, MD & Consultant, Cognate Health commented, “The modern workplace is changing.  There is increasing evidence that the integration of health and safety programmes with health promotion and wellness initiatives makes good business sense in the form of safer, healthier, happier workers”

CMSE Consultancy, part of Chris Mee Group, has been providing workplace health and wellbeing guidance in the management of hygiene, asbestos dust and noise control, ergonomics and manual handling for years.  For more information please click here

CMSE Training is a leading provider of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) approved training in Ireland and the UK with the largest suite of IOSH approved and accredited courses in Ireland. For more information please click here