Chris Mee Group are racing for the Cuanlee Women’s Refuge! - Chris Mee Group | CMSE

Chris Mee Group are racing for the Cuanlee Women’s Refuge!

The social distancing requirements in place to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus have changed everything, including the spring fundraising landscape – But we’re making it work!

Over the past couple of weeks CMSE Recruiter Ciara O’Dwyer & CMSE Consultant Michael Gleeson have coordinated a socially distant race with the aim to increase their exercise, have fun and raise some money for charity. Our Goal as a team is to raise €1,000 for Cuanlee Women’s Refuge!

The Teams, “The Hazard Handlers” mostly from Dublin and “Risky Business” mostly from Cork began by walking from their Dublin to Cork bases, respectively. Each team member contributed KM’s every day until team “Risky Business” nipped over the finish line just ahead of the competition.

We have decided to continue with the competition until the teams reach 1000KM.

How you can participate.

If you’d like to be involved, you can show your support by donating to Cuanlee Women’s Refuge Here 

Chris Mee Group will be matching all donations up to €1000.

About the Cuanlee Womens Refuge

Since Covid-19 lockdown  Garda have said it has recorded a 25 per cent year on year increase in calls for assistance around domestic issues. In the last two weeks of May, 107 were charged as part of a special Garda operation to help victims during the pandemic. women are starting to disclosing high levels of emotional, physical, sexual and financial abuse from their partners. Traffic on the charity’s website has also spiked, rising by 74 per cent in recent months

Cuanlee is a purpose built refuge for women and children experiencing domestic abuse. Since opening its doors in March 1978, Cuanlee has provided support, information and shelter 365 days of the year. Cuanlee has a resilient, flexible, creative and highly skilled frontline staff to deal with the varied and often complex needs that families’ present with. They recognise the need to work therapeutically with women and children who are traumatised due to their exposure to violence. Social Care, Social Work, Counselling, Therapeutic Play Worker, Art Therapist, are part of the skill set of our energetic team. 

Cuanlee offer;

  • Crisis Accommodation
  • Support and Information
  • 24 Hour help Line
  • Child/Adolescent services
  • Outreach Social work
  • Domestic Abuse Workshops
  • Court accompaniment & Preparation service
  • Helping people who need it develop a safety emergency plan in a time of crisis if an explosive incident occurs.