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Chemical Safety

CMSE Chemical Safety Consultancy

CMSE Consultancy is a leading service provider in the field of health and safety management services in Ireland and internationally. CMSE Consultancy have extensive experience in nearly all sectors: so whether you work in the farming, the industrial, the services, the construction or any other sector, you can be assured of a top quality service from CMSE Consultancy.

Under the “Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Chemical Agents) Regulations, 2001”, it is the duty of every employer to assess the risks arising from the use or presence of chemical agents in the workplace and in determining adequate precautions or control measures to safeguard health and safety. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Chemical Agents) Regulations 2001 apply to a very wide range of substances and preparations (i.e. a mixture of two or more substances) with the potential to cause harm if they are inhaled, ingested or come into contact with, or are absorbed through the skin. CMSE Chemical Agents Risk Assessment consultants help clients comply with their chemical agents in a regulatory environment.

CMSE is also a leading provider of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSA) and ADR services. Our experts play a vital role in helping our clients to ensure safe transportation of dangerous goods by Road, Rail, Sea and Air. CMSE provides DGSA and ADR experts to clients both nationally and internationally.