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Top 3 Ways to End Up with a Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD)

Looking for pain and discomfort? You’re in luck, We’ve got you covered! Here are 3 top ways that you can help yourself develop musculoskeletal disorder.

Performing Repetitive Tasks
Performing the same repetitive motions without taking rest periods will put you at risk of an MSD. Though most common for those working in physical roles such as in manufacturing, performing repetitive tasks on a computer can also cause MSD’s.
Hint: To prevent these injuries, take regular breaks & Introduce variety in your workflow.

Working in an Awkward Position
Over Reaching, leaning, repetitive twisting, kneeling, these are just some of the awkward positions that can put significant stress on your body.

Exerting Excessive Force
Pushing or pulling of heavy or awkward loads, lifting heavy objects – these activities could all exert excessive force.

Chris Mee Group is Irelands leading provider of Ergonomic Services.


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LinkedIn Profile Top Tips for Contractors!

LinkedIn Profile Top Tips for Contractors!

Here at CMSE Recruitment we have an ever increasing number of available contractor roles. These Environmental, Health and Safety roles are distributed across Ireland and in a vast range of industries.


Here are the CMSE Recruitment teams 3 Top CMSE Recruitment Tips for Contractors!

  1. Make sure you have a professional profile picture

While your wedding and holidays pictures definitely depict you at your most happy and confident self, they don’t have much to do with your professional career. LinkedIn is not Facebook, so keep the family photos for friends and take a good quality headshot against a white background in the office to represent your professional career.


  1. Point out contract roles in your employment history

It can be a red flag for hiring managers when they see you’ve had consecutive short term roles (under 1 year) in your employment history, especially if they can’t see any obvious reason for it. This can be easily avoided if you mention with each job that it was a fixed term contract (6-month contract etc., or a maternity cover contract for 9 months).


  1. Make the most of your profile

Avoid getting endless agencies reach out to you with the wrong jobs by simply updating your status or ‘About’ section with the kind of work you are looking for. “Current contract ending in October, looking for a new 6-12 month contract in the Munster region starting in December”

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33% of Irish Bee species are Threatened with Extinction. Why You Should Care and How You Can Help Change It!

Much of the problem is that with Ireland’s ever-growing urban landscape, the bees no longer have enough area to nest, or sufficient food to eat. Much of the area available to them has heavy use of pesticides.

Why does this matter?

90% of the 369,000 flowering plant and crop species are dependent on insect pollination, with 35% being pollinated by bees. One honeybee can usually visit 50-1000 flowers in a trip – that’s about 10,000 flowers in a day! Many animal species depend on bees for their survival as their food sources including nuts, berries, seeds, and fruits would be unavailable without the Bee’s pollination. Along with making food for other organisms, pollination also allows floral growth which in turn provides homes for other animals such as insects and birds.


The team at Chris Mee Group recently took some time away from their desks to do some Guerrilla Gardening. We purchased packets of “Save the Bees” wildflower meadow mixed seeds from Future Orchard Cork. It’s really easy – you just scruff the ground, sprinkle the seeds and firm the soil with a footprint! Once in bloom, the brightly coloured annual and biennial flowers will attract butterflies, bees and other insects.













     5 Things You can do to save our bees

  1. Don’t have a garden? Even if you have a small balcony you can grow flowers and herbs in plant pots.
  2. When planning your Garden, plant flowers and shrubs that will flower in spring or autumn.
  3. When gardening, consider leaving an area uncut to allow daisies, dandelions and other flowers to grow.
  4. Have a little more space? Plant fruit trees!





Ireland leading the way in Europe with Microbead Prohibition Bill

A new Microbeads Prohibition Bill is at committee stage in the Dáil, where the amendment will be debated. The bill will restrict the sale, supply, or manufacturing of products which rinse down the drain, such as shower gels and scrubs. While Ireland is not the first European country to ban these products, Ireland will be the first to include household cleaning items that can also be washed down the drain.  Products that are made to be worn-on and not washed off are not affected by the Bill.

What are Microbeads?

Microbeads are tiny plastics usually between 0.0004-1.24 mm wide and are made from polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene.

Why are Microbeads bad?

Due to their minute size, once washed down your drain these micro sized plastic balls have the ability to pass through sewage treatment plants unfiltered and end up in fresh waters and oceans. This can prove hazardous for fish and animals who mistake the plastic for food and from there, the beads are integrated into the food chain.

Carbon Action – part of Chris Mee Group are a leading provider of environmental related Carbon Training & Climate Change Consultancy services in UK, Ireland & abroad. Our clients range from large multinationals to SMEs. If you have any questions regarding Microbeads please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced Consultants by filling in the enquiry form on this page.

Read more on Microbeads here: Microbeads : A massive issue! The countdown to the bead ban begins!





Complete any of the Chris Mee Group, IIRSM approved online courses to qualify for discounted IIRSM membership.

Having successfully completed your IIRSM approved course, you will receive a discount code for :
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What is the IIRSM?

The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management IIRSM is a professional body that offers recognition, information and support to over 8,000 members around the world in all areas of risk and safety management.

What is the benefit to being a member IIRSM?

All members of IIRSM have access to an extensive range of relevant, valuable features and benefits. These benefits can include:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Unlimited use of the Health and Safety Technical Helpline
  • Legal Helpline (UK law and covers all matters, including H&S)
  • Business or personal advice from the HR and Employment
  • Free access to the Health and Safety at Work online
  • And much more


IIRSM approved online courses available through Chris Mee Group include:


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