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Carbon Action Hosts Masterclass at Climate Change and Ecological Protection Initiative, Singapore.

Carbon Action Hosts Masterclass!

Environmental Director at Carbon Action, Fergal Mee recently delivered the second GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Masterclass in Singapore.

Over a five day period, attendees from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and India participated in training organised in conjunction with our Singaporean partners Sustinere Pte Ltd..

Two courses were provided, each based on the ISO 14064 Standard for Greenhouse Gas Management. The first course discussed the approach of creating a GHG inventory of a “Carbon Footprint”; the second on how to independently verify such inventories. The footprint course has broad applications for those working in the area of GHG Management, the second is a more specialised course to train Sustainability Consultants and Accounting professionals, who provide independent verification services to their clients, to ensure emissions are properly counted and accounted for.

Interest in GHG Management has surged in Singapore, following the introduction of the Carbon Tax in January 2019. At this point, the new carbon tax only applies to companies with high emissions. Predictably, these are the companies most invested in educating their staff, so they could properly prepare to measure, manage and reduce their GHG emissions. Over time however, the tax is expected to apply to companies with lower emissions levels, requiring more companies to have a carbon mitigation plan.

We expect similar developments in South Africa if/when they implement their Carbon Tax in 2020.

Carbon Action will be conducting a GHG Masterclasses in Nigeria in April 2019 and Rwanda in Q3.

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Chris Mee Group “Let’s Get Green Together” initiative a great success!!

“Let’s Get Green Together”

In March 2018 Chris Mee Group kicked off our ISO 14001 Environmental initiative. These actions have been headed by Sarah Ward, Quality Systems Specialist at the Little Island Cork, HQ and Karen Cummins, Consultant and Trainer at the Chris Mee Group Dublin facility.

The aim of this initiative was to reduce paper Usage in 2018. To do so, all employees ensured that their Printer Default Settings were set to Black and White and Double Sided printing.

Progress was tracked on a quarterly basis by monitoring the paper orders made in that time.

Our year-end figures for paper usage resulted in;

Reduction in Paper Orders of 14% versus 2017 which is equivalent to 7 trees!!!


What is ISO 14001 Certification? Read about it here


Lowest number of workplace fatalities on HSA records for 2018 

New figures issued by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), reveal a 23% drop in work-related deaths in Ireland in 2018.

A total of 37 people were killed in accidents at work in 2018 compared to 48 fatalities in 2017. This number represents the lowest number since HSA records began in 1989, with a rate of 1.6 deaths per 100,000 low-paid workers, a reduction of 75% on 1991 figures.


Though the sector that employs just 6% of the workforce, Agriculture constituted 41% of total workplace fatalities for 2018. For the 9th year running agriculture had the highest number of work related fatalities in 2018 with 15 deaths. This is a 40% reduction on the 2017 figure of 25 fatalities.

  • With five fatalities reported, Dublin had the highest number of fatalities in the past year
  • Cork, Galway, and Mayo each had four people die in work-related deaths.
  • Construction  had five deaths – Down from six in 2017
  • Transport, had five deaths – Down from six in 2017

Dr Sharon McGuinness, chief executive officer of the HSA said, “Due to the efforts of employers, employees and key stakeholders, there has been a huge improvement in health and safety standards…” “However, with 37 people losing their lives in work related activity in 2018 there is clearly still more to be done”.

McGuinness went on to state that while employers are facing challenges such as Brexit and a skills shortage in certain sectors, it was important to prioritise the health and safety of workers, adding that safe employees were “the backbone of any successful enterprise”.

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We at Chris Mee Group are industry leaders in the areas of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) and Observational Based Safety programmes.

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Healthy New Year

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