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Considering Health Issues in Construction Health & Safety

healthandsafetyThere have been huge improvements over the last number of years in reducing the number of accidents and injuries to workers, however what is less recognised is that the construction site can still pose a significant risk in relation to health issues also.

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How You Qualify as a PSDP

To qualify as a PSDP you do not have to be a designer or carry out design work.

According to the HSA to qualify as a PSDP you must have:IOSH-PSDP

  • Familiarity with the type of construction work involved with the project.
  • A sound understanding of the safety and health issues associated with that work.
  • Good communication skills and systems.
  • Sufficient training appropriate to the type of work, e.g. a recognised certificate,…..higher certificate, or degree in Safety and Health awarded as part of the …..national framework of qualifications.

CMSE Training provides the 2 day IOSH Project Supervisor Design Process Course.

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Effectively Risk Assessing and Planning Construction Safety During Extreme Winter Conditions

winterWith freezing temperatures construction work can be more hazardous than normal. Many construction projects take place in areas highly exposed to winter weather such as windfarms. When the body is unable to warm itself, cold related stress may result. Four factors contribute to cold stress: cold air temperatures, high velocity air movement, dampness of the air and contact with cold water or surfaces. A cold environment forces the body to work harder to maintain its temperature. Cold air, water, and snow all draw heat from the body. Wind chill is the combination of air temperature and wind speed.  Risk Assessments need to be reviewed as extreme low temperatures greatly change and usually increase the risks associated with most external construction work.

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OHSAS 18001 Standard

What is it?

OHSAS 18001 is an internationally recognised occupational, health and safety management system series standard. The OHSAS 18001 standard is based on the similar ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Plan – DO – Check – Act structure. Read more