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Behaviour Based Safety: What Everyone Needs to Know

Much has been written about Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) – so much that it runs the risk of becoming a fad. To properly understand and utilise BBS in your organisation, here is what you need to know:
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DGSA – What you need to know

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When Do I Require a DGSA? – What you need to know

Are you manufacturing, storing handling or transporting anything containing Lithium (i.e. batteries), drug delivery devices, pharmaceuticals, paints, inks and perfumes?

 Handling and Transport of Dangerous goods is both hazardous and heavily regulated.  If you make, fill store or transport any of these, you are required to have a DGSA – Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser.

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National Workplace Wellbeing Day – March 27th

When launching Workplace Wellbeing Day 2015 back in November 2014, Danny McCoy, CEO at Ibec stated that *11 million days are lost through absenteeism Every Year.
The campaign is about employers looking at what they are currently doing in this area, identifying what they’re doing well, promoting these activities/initiatives amongst employees and sharing it with other companies. Mr. McCoy also said that it is equally important to identify places where improvements are needed, and making them too. Read more


The Little Island Business Association (LIBA) Awards 2014

The Little Island Business Association (LIBA) held their second annual Awards ceremony last Friday night, November 21st. The LIBA Awards were designed to recognise and honour the businesses and community of Little Island.

There are close to 1,000 businesses operating in Little Island, at present employing over 15,000 people. The Little Island Business Association was formed to promote and market Little Island locally, nationally and internationally, as well as to provide a platform for businesses in the area to network and do more business. Read more


European Health & Safety Week 2014

Managing Stress

European Health and Safety Week 2014 is almost upon us. The theme of this years event is “Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress” and the safety week runs from October 20th – 24th in workplaces all across Europe.

The Chris Mee Group are hosting a Free Webinar, presented by Patricia Murray (Organisational Psychologist with the HSA), on the topic of Managing Stress. The webinar will take place on Friday 24th October, and you can register for it free of charge by clicking here. Read more