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Ireland’s Third Annual National Workplace Wellbeing Day

Ireland’s Third Annual National Workplace Wellbeing Day

National Workplace Wellbeing Day aims to improve overall employee wellbeing through promoting better exercise and nutrition in the workplace.

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New EU Compliance Requirements For Businesses

The EU Directive on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information (2014/95/EU) entered into force in December 2014. This legislation requires around 6,000 large companies listed on EU markets, or operating in the banking and insurance sectors, to disclose relevant environmental and social information in the management report, with the first reports to be published in 2018 (on financial year 2017). Member States had to finalise the transposition into national legislation by December 6th 2016.
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Top 10 Causes of Workplace Accidents

The Chris Mee Group wishes to highlight the main causes or triggers of fatal and non-fatal accidents.  The first element of stopping accidents is to know the cause of the accidents.  We have researched the information contained in the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) annual report for 2012 to give you the statistical information.  This is FACTUAL information and not opinion.

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RTE Shakedown The Town

Presented by Aidan Power – Shakedown the Town sees two families compete against each other in Ireland’s biggest, most physical & dangerous treasure hunt ever seen.

In the battle to Shakedown the Town, Two families compete in combined physical and mental challenges, in the largest treasure hunt that Ireland has ever seen. Read more


Farm Accident Related Deaths Up 70% In 2014

There has been a 70% increase in farm accident related deaths for the first 5 months of 2014 with thirteen farm workplace deaths have taken place in this period according to Teagasc.

It is against this background that a major Farm Safety and Health Exhibit took place at the Teagasc Beef 2014 event in Grange, County Meath. Read more