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Machinery Safety – Determining Your Essential Health and Safety Strategy

stopThere has been a growing requirement for advanced machinery safety strategies over the last number of years partly due to the increasing use of complex automation systems. It is fair to say however that additional regulatory requirements have played a greater part in changes in work practices around the use, maintenance, and operation of machinery. It is imperative that you, as an employer, realise what your responsibilities are under the current Irish legislation and EU Directives in place and also that you ensure that your employees go home in one piece at the end of their days’ work. Read more


Eliminating Explosion and Fire Ignition Hazards Posed by Electrostatic Discharges.

VoltmeterElectrostatic discharges pose a significant ignition hazard when used with flammable substances (gas, vapour & dust) and can lead to fires and explosion. Static discharges can also pose an occupational personnel hazard, lead to electronic component failure and manufacturing product problems.

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Information on Chris Mee Group's response to the Containment Phase of the Coronavirus [COVID-19] Outbreak.Read More
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