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Health and Safety Construction Consultancy Services

Health and Safety Construction Consultancy Services

CMSE Consultancy is a leading service provider in the field of Health and Safety Construction services in Ireland today.  CMSE Consultancy have over 20 years of experience maintaining the highest levels of safety standards in the construction industry.  We can work with any project, big or small, and ensure that you are fully compliant with all of the relevant legislation.  CMSE Consultants provide informed and appropriate general advice on health and safety as well as specialised contractor and technical construction knowledge.

For decades, CMSE Consultancy has managed countless construction projects and our expert consultants customise solutions to you, our clients’, needs by implementing the best practices that have made CMSE Consultancy a construction safety leader.

Our experts will collaborate with you to identify your specific needs. We then apply our safety management methodology to build on your current foundation. Our customised solutions enable immediate results and offer a working process for continual performance improvement. We begin with detailed assessments of your contracted operations, processes and performance history. Our consultants then create tailored solutions that work within your management system to produce results. In the process, our solutions can also help to optimise your business processes, energy efficiency, and environmental management.

CMSE Consultancy is a leading provider of Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) and Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) services in Ireland today. In addition to the PSCS and PSDP services, CMSE Consultancy work with clients and contractors to advise and assist them in their duties under the 2013 Construction Regulations.

CMSE specialists provide practical reports that indicate clearly the hazards identified and the controls required to minimise the risk. CMSE Consultancy are well known in industry for our practical control measures and safety systems.