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Chris Mee

Managing Director


Fergal Mee

Environmental Director



ABOUT US- CMSE – Chris Mee Group

Welcome to the Chris Mee Group “About Us” page. On this page you will gain an overview of our organisation. CMSE was founded in 1996 as a Safety consultancy.  The company added training services in 1998.  We commenced recruitment and placement in 1999.  In 2007 we set up Carbon Action in London working in carbon emissions and energy.

In 2009, CMSE and Carbon Action were joined in a group structure.  In 2014, CMSE set up a partnership with Willis Risk services brokerage.  CMSE now supplies risk management to many Willis customers.

The Chris Mee Group is now a leading provider of Professional Services focusing on Health and Safety, Energy, Environmental and Carbon Emissions.   We are quality focused and deliver cost-effective solutions.

Darren O'Keeffe

Consultancy Manager


Ken Long

Training Manager



About-Us – Senior Management Team

Darren O’Keeffe is the H&S Consultancy and Recruitment & Placement Manager.

Ken Long is the CMSE Central Services and Training Manager.

Brian Murnane is the CMSE Group Business Development Manager.

Tim O’Brien is the CMSE Finance & Integration Manager.